About the Chosen Generation Kids

The Chosen Generation Kids Ministry is the Pre-School and Primary School Ministry of the Church (2yrs old to Year 6), purposed with the precious mantle of seeing and teaching the future generation in the ways of the Lord Almighty. These children have their parents and guardians also attending The House of Prayer, and the ministry is in operation concurrently during the main Service. There are some cases where the parents do not attend the church, however, still have their children within the Ministry.

The Children’s Ministry has special attention to God because we believe that children are the future of our society, which is why Chosen Generation exists, to ensure that our children are given the best possible start in life and are raised in the way of the Lord, to enable them to become the future leaders of tomorrow, nurtured to fulfil Destiny.

Tomorrow May be Too Late – Take Over Service 2022

As the name suggests, “The Chosen Generation” are called to show forth the Praises of the Saviour Jesus Christ. Every year in September the Chosen Generation Kids Ministry Take Over the Worship Service, leading us in Praise, Worship, the Word, whilst showcasing their various God-given gifts and Talents.

This particular year, the celebration was so unique in every aspect. The theme alone if one has the fear of God; indeed it will energise you and be willing to live a “Life of His Divine Purpose”. Every child within the Ministry was enthusiastic and ready to explode in whatever part he or she was called to do or perform.

To begin, the Masters of Ceremony (MC’s: Rodell and Erica) were just so good and executed their tasks perfectly. The Praise and Worship were likewise great. What was more exciting was the song contribution by the “Little Lambs” (Toddler’s 2 to 3 yr old). As expected, this contribution wowed the congregation with tremendous ‘awwww’s’ echoed throughout the Church. They were so bold and brave, they gave us a special encore, as per the request of the Audience!  

Another area is the small group, Dancers. The participants did extremely well, and the congregation were in love with it all. I believe as parents, we should be very proud of these talented kids and ready to render our fullest support in their journey of life, especially in the things of God. The same goes for the Big Group Dancers. Each of these groups was very amazing in their individual performances.

The final area was the “THE WORD”. The four speakers did articulate very well and furthermore, their choice of subtopics was just in collaboration with the main topic (Tomorrow May be Too Late). Each of them indeed mastered their chosen subtopics and delivered them well.

The occasion concluded with the Graduation of 3 of our Children from the Kids Ministry, to being promoted to the Youth Ministry as of Next Year, 2023. We say a very being congratulations to Emmanuel Harding, Victoria Giple and Jeremiah Samy.

Sincere and heartfelt thanks to our formidable loving & caring teachers for a job well done in instilling Godly values and nurturing our future generation. For more images please visit our Facebook page.

Chosen Generation Kids Ministry Teachers 2022: Mrs Mariama Kamara, Miss Catherine Gbarpo, Mr Leroy & Mrs May Paye and Miss Chantal Nahimana.