What is the Virtuous Women Ministry?

Virtuous Women is the Women’s Ministry of The House of Prayer Church. It is one of our ministries of growth that inspires Women, nurturing them to be grounded in God’s word, and find grace and encouragement. It helps other women relate to others regardless of background or the different situations they may find themselves in. Virtuous Women aims to instil Godly virtues and dignity, as women grow in their personal relationship with Christ and build strong friendships that will enable them to impact their families and communities in a positive and productive way. The Virtuous Women meet regularly once every month for discussions, planned activities and fellowships.

Celebrating Virtuous Women’s 11th Anniversary 

The Virtuous Women of The House of Prayer’s 11th Anniversary Celebration kicked off on Saturday, 20th August 2022, at 6 pm. The occasion was set for 2 Days of Power-packed inspirational messages from two formidable speakers of the Ministry; Mrs Damaris Ola Nyantakyi and Mrs Angie Thompson. The theme of the 12th Anniversary was the Virtuous Vs. the Foolish Woman.

Day 1: The Praise & Worship was outstanding, with Mrs Joy Zayzay, Mrs Musu Cooper and Mrs Patricia Yorcee, joining our Music Team to minister to us. These women were extraordinarily, and their golden voices will forever remain in the ears of us all. Coming to the main thing, which is the Word of God, that was facilitated via a Panel Discussion, the first speaker, Mrs Damaris Nyantakyi started with a question based on the word ‘Foolish’. That is, what is the definition of foolish? A lot of answers were given by those present within the congregation on that night. But here are just a few. 1. Foolish is lacking a good sense of judgement, unwise etc. and 2. Foolishness is the result of a person misusing the intelligence God has given him. A fool uses his reasoning skills to make wrong decisions. The speaker mentioned a particular scripture, Job 2:9, wherein Job’s wife asked Job to forget about his integrity, curse God and Die. This, according to the speaker can be classed as foolishness.

Day 2: Day 2 of the program was a Thanksgiving Service, held Sunday, 21st August 2022. The speakers again illustrated their God-given talents, blessing our souls with the Word of God. They further demonstrated that the qualities of a Virtuous Woman are: Trustworthy, Wise, Prayerful, Servanthood etc. Our Virtuous Women again demonstrated with their beautiful dresses, with the theme colour for this year’s occasion being White. A Women’s Choir was put together with the Choir ministering 2 songs, led by Mrs Grace Kamara & Mrs Patricia Yorcee, accompanied by Mrs Sherifaye Kargbo and Miss Sylvia Belleh. This year’s celebration was definitely one that will be remembered and the VOK (Lunch and Refreshments) were in abundance and as always, fantastic. 

In conclusion, everything pertaining to the program was extravagant. Bravo to all the coordinators for organising such a remarkable event and we bless God for all our guests that were able to worship with us over the 2 days.