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Evangelism is said to be the heartbeat of God, and it is the Great Commission. The church has the obligation to carry out this mandate. In order to achieve this, the church must develop realistic strategies and be well organised in her efforts. The Evangelism Department helps to organise and manage church resources in respect of this. This department comprises other subunits such as the Follow-up group and it is headed by a Head of Evangelism.

This Department works very closely with the Welfare & Hospitality Department of the Church, as both are actively involved in the outreach activities within the local community. The Evangelism Department are the feet of the church, who walk and carry the Good News of Jesus, reaching lost souls, and bring these souls to Christ and his Church. The Welfare and Hospitality Department are the arms of the Church, embracing these lost souls, whom may also need consolation and comfort, where by the department is readily available to meet the needs of the needy.

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