Worship with us, and become better acquainted with the story, vision and values of THOP. We’re learning together as a family and a community, what it truly means to be followers of Christ our Saviour.


You weren’t created to do life alone. Get connected in the things of God and Grow! Come just as you are! We are all on a journey – no one has arrived.


The success of our Church depends on participation from people like you. Serve in one of our Ministries and make a difference. It will change your life!

Sunday Church Services

Join us this sunday

“My house shall be called of all nations the house of prayer?” Mark 11:17

The House of Prayer is a place of transformation, a place to have an encounter with most high God, with powerful teachings from the word, accompanied with exciting, passionate praise and worship. The House of Prayer is filled with people that desire to be transformed and influence the world around them, so If you have a passion for God and live in Brisbane or visiting, we would love for you to fellowship with us.

Feel free to join the Family of God, we look forward to meeting you. You surely will be in for a transformation!

Love from Ps Mariatu & Sheriff Jalloh
Senior Pastors