You weren’t created to do life alone.
Stay connected in the things of God and serve the body of Christ.

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Become a part of our Ministries of H.E.L.P.S.

God calls every Christian to not only believe, but to follow Him boldly, and become HIS disciple. Becoming more like Christ is a lifelong journey and it requires one step at a time. We’ve all got a next step to take as we move forward and grow closer to God. Don’t know where to start?

At The House of Prayer Church, we believe this means we Connect, we Grow, and we Serve. As we mature; we connect deeper, we grow stronger, and we serve wider. We never stop connecting, growing and serving!

So, whether you are new in your faith, or have been a Christ-follower for decades, we’d love to invite you on this journey with and become a part of one of our HELPS Ministries and serve the body of Christ by serving his Church.

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