The Open Hands Foundation (OHF) is an initiative of The House of Prayer Church formed in the year 2017, seeking to contribute to the capacity, building and transforming of lives of Africans through economic empowerment schemes. The foundation currently operates in the Makeni City of Sierra Leone, West Africa, seeking to ensure the welfare of youths, children, men and women alike.

A program that is currently in operation by the Foundation is the “Take a Step to Empower a Child in Need”, supporting the young generations (children/youth) through a quality   schooling program, offering 30 orphaned and/or underprivileged children Annual Scholarships with the inclusion of the following:

  1. Provision of school stationery items and support supplies.
  2. Payment of tuition and schooling fees.
  3. Regular home, school and welfare visitations.
  4. Provision of welfare, food and medical supplies etc.

The Foundation works closely with other youths and child protection bodies in Serra Leone to help advocate for their rights and cater for their individual wellbeing.

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