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Chosen Generation Kids

Chosen Generation Kids is the Children’s Ministry of The House of Prayer, that oversees the care of the children who attend the Church. It comprises of children that are below 12 years of age. These children have their parents and guardians also attending The House of Prayer, and the ministry is in operation concurrently during the main Service. There are some cases where the parents do not attend the church, however still have their children within the Ministry.

The Children’s Ministry has a special attention with God because we believe that children are the future of our society, which is why Chosen Generation exists, to ensure that our children are given the best possible start in life and are raised in the way of the Lord, to enable them to become the future leaders of tomorrow, nurtured to fulfil Destiny.

It is important to note that the Children’s Ministry is not just place where children are ‘kept busy’ while their parents attend church, but it is a place where valuable spiritual deposits are made into the lives of the children.

Therefore, we take the ministry very seriously.

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